Westchester Single Mom Speaks Out: “We can do this”

Not all moms are content being stuck at home with the kids all day.

Listen to this Westchester single mother giver her opinion on gender roles and female entrepreneurs:

“I was a rebel when I was younger. And I’m ashamed to say that I traded my heroes for ghosts.

I recently listened to some audio from the members area. And it was a call to action.

Here are some things I picked up:

  • You are an example to your kids. What are you teaching them?

You’ve heard this before, or maybe you haven’t.

The one I always recall is the smoking example.

Parents smoke, their kids will smoke.

Now of course this isn’t always the case. I didn’t smoke (ahem) and I still don’t (no ahem)

But if you tell your kids that they can have anything in life they want and then they hear you talking about money problems, what will they think?

What are they learning?

And the scary part is that it’s all subconscious. They don’t realize that they’re being given a negative mindset and we don’t realize what we’re teaching them.

Here’s one, short and sweet.

  • Play Small, Get Small.

Let’s see…an analogy…

Baseball! When you’re up at bat, are you swinging for a home run or are you just hoping to hit the ball?

Or hockey. Yeah those guys have nice beards too. Wanna score goals or are ya comfortable with just getting an assist every now and then.

Or worse, feeling lucky if you get some ice time.


  • Being poor is not normal. It’s common…but not normal.

Are you going to settle for less than you deserve?

Here’s another scary thought….you already have.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. (mentally and physically)

  • Be the leader of yourself.

What the hell do I mean by that?

Take charge, your destiny is in your hands.

Don’t give it to someone else.

We can do this.

  • What will it cost if you don’t?

NOT changing, where will you be in 10 years, 20 years. Where will your children be?

I won’t mention scary thought here…..oooops.

  • Do you, your kids, your grandchildren deserve more?

Or do you only deserve what someone else, your employer is going to give you?

Do you want to leave it up to…..your boss?

  • You can think like an average person or you can bust out of the shell and a make a name for yourself!

This is one that I’ve been taking to heart:
Take control. Be a Leader.
In other words, “No more f@%$ing negativity!”

Decide to have money instead of accepting your status quo.

You’ve been playing it safe for so long, it’s second nature to you.

You grew up thinking either consciously or sub-consciously that you could never be rich.

You may have wanted to be rich, but deep down you’re telling yourself, that will never happen.

I have no idea what kind of music you like.

Personally I like quite a variety but I grew up with good ole rock n roll and it’s what I like best.

Maybe you’ll know this one…

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

And did you exchange
A walk on part in a war
For a lead role in a cage?

Man that’s powerful.

I’ve allowed myself over the years to succumb.

I knew that I didn’t like the way things were going.

I did not like “toeing the part line”.

But I did, to keep the peace.

And where did I end up?


You can stay in the cage and lead a protected life.

Or you can fight for what you deserve.

It’s up to you. ~

This was a sponsored Opinion post brought to you by Health Ranks.

Can Enagic Kangen Water Technology Produce The Finest Water For My Family?

In this digital world, people are fulfilling their cooking and quest needs through using different water resources, such as tap water, bottled water and reverse osmosis water. Although tap water is a healthier choice than soft drinks, there is a chance that it may contain pollutants and more than half of these contaminants are completely uncontrolled and can legally subsist in any amount.

enagic kangen business opportunityWhile bottled water is not essentially healthier than tap water, it is not assured to be better than tap water. In fact, many college studies show that bottled water can even be more polluted than city tap water, depending on the location. Habitually, the only difference is the included minerals that have not established to offer health benefits.
Reverse Osmosis is a water filtering procedure that may be valuable in areas that do not get municipally treated water and it is usually used in bottled water facilities. The problem with this procedure is that hazardous chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine are molecularly more petite than water and can go freely through the filter.
At the present levels of pollution, and derived from the facts mentioned above, it is no wonder that the demand for Enagic Kangen water is constantly rising.

What is Enagic Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is tasty water created using Enagic’s pioneering water technology. These devices not only filter the tap water, but they also create acidic and ionized alkaline waters through electrolysis. These water produced through these processes can be used for different purposes, including cooking, drinking, cleaning.

Kangen Water Manufacturer

Enagic Kangen Filters that changes your water and your life has been a registered brand of an American-based company, Enagic USA, Inc., since 2005. No other business in the country can exploit this trademark. Enagic USA is the only business granted complete rights to exercise the Kangen

Water Trademark

Enagic USA and its associated branch offices are the devoted delivery arm and selling force for Enagic Company throughout America, delivering the alkaline water filtration systems of Kangen. For more than three decades, Enagic International in Japan has been the leading producer of water filtration machines and alkaline ionizers. Kangen Water appliances are exploited in almost all worldwide homes to convert tap water into uncontaminated, healthy alkaline potable water.

Benefits of Kangen Water

Enagic Kangen Water offers many health benefits when compared to those of tap water, bottled water and reverse osmosis water. Some of its practical and health benefits include:

  1. An excellent source of healthy hydration is ionized alkaline water. This is because it not only tastes better, but the body will also absorb it immediately. This enhances the drinkability of water by lessening the common feeling of being inflated from drinking the suggested everyday allowances of eight glasses of water daily.
  2. As Kangen water is produced using Enagic’s water technology, even the damaging molecules that are smaller than that of water are effectively removed to make the water safe to use.
  3. The water supports the wellness of physical organs of the body at the same time as promoting the wellbeing of those organs.
  4. Scientifically identified benefits of the Kangen water comprise the support of wellness and long life.
  5. With immense taste and negative oxidation-lessening potential, Kangen Water assists in the counterbalancing of free radicals and addresses all hydration needs of the body.

The Business Opportunity

Taking the dealership for the Kangen water would definitely assist you construct more money. This business features a unique model in that the secret to succeeding in this trade and changing the lives of people is to offer the water at free of cost as a sample.

By doing so initially, people, in fact, get enthusiastic in using the water. Their body also knows what is superior to it. This will show people the way to buy machines because they not only want the Kangen water, but they also know that their body requires it. This is not only for them either, as they would like to give it to their friends, family and neighbors. Giving the Enagic Kangen water sample to people at free of cost will assist you get more customers over years and this will in turn assist you construct more money in the business. So, give the Kangen water away and pay it forward.

Women: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the 2015 Tax Season. Especially the Last One

Attention, ladies, it’s that time of year again. It’s tax season. New year, new rules. Here are 7 of some of the more overlooked tax changes for 2015:

#1: Retirement Contributions Remain Fixed

The IRS has a history of raising the maximum allowable contribution to retirement plans and IRAs. Not this year.

In 2015, the maximum allowable contributions remain static at $17,500 for elective deferral plans and $5,500 for IRAs.

Still, there are some small changes that should be noted:

Tax deductions for traditional IRA contributions are limited to those individuals in lower-income brackets. Likewise, individuals earning under $30,000 and families earning under $45,000 can receive credits amounting to $2,000 when they save for retirement.

#2: Deductions for Education Expenses Have Expired

Higher education is expensive. The traditional $4,000 deduction helped families to manage the price, but this expense is no longer deductible.

“Fortunately, all is not lost for those families that want to send their children to college”, says Amy Lloyd, a content director at Work Crowd, an enterprise software review site.

Continue reading

Forskolin Extract Supplements Helps Burn Fat and Increase cAMP Levels

coleus-forskohliiWhen it comes to losing weight and finding the best alternative for overall health, research has found that the best options are often natural solutions.

Due to the lack of minerals in the soil and even not eating the best foods for nutrition, natural supplements can be helpful in providing a specific vitamin or mineral that the body needs.

Other uses for natural supplements include increasing metabolism, and even weight loss since proper nutrition helps to achieve an overall well being state.

Supplements containing Forskolin (coleus forskohlii root extract) for example, usually come in 250 mg capsules that can help with the weight loss process by making it easier.

Forskolin – The Truth about Weight Loss With Natural Supplements

Getting rid of fat is never an easy matter. There are some people who seem to be blessed with a high metabolism capable of burning excess fat so they typically don’t have any problem when it comes to losing weight. Others are not so lucky and need to work hard to burn fat in order to lose weight. A metabolism that runs slow is one of the many reasons why people are obese or overweight.

Being obese or overweight can be a dangerous condition, since it can lead to other problems such as hypertension, various diseases of the heart, diabetes and almost any other problem or disease of the body. With that said we could see the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, and keeping belly fat under control.

The good news is that there are natural alternative that can help us find solutions. Forskolin extract is a natural occurring substance that aids in improving metabolism. Forskolin is a naturally found and extracted from the Plectranthus barbatus roots. This plant is a member of the mint family and native to subtropical and tropical regions such as East Africa, India, and Burma. This can be a great addition to what we talked about last time with the importance of essential oils.

Since back to ancient times, the extract has been used as a medicinal herb to treat various ailments of the heart, such as chest pain (angina) and to control blood pressure. It is also an herbal remedy to help with respiratory diseases such as asthma and upper respiratory problems. Today, Forskolin is used to help with many diseases and has been found to be a great supplement for weight loss.

Forskolin Speaks to cells of the body

Natural forskolin in pure form speaks to the body cells. What research has found is that there is an specific way to talk to the neurons that control cellular activities of the body, helping in guiding the body on how it should behave. In other words, you have a direct control over harmful behavior of cells in the body.

It has also been found that forskolin helps the body on a cellular level and this is very exciting as scientifically it has a direct influence on various enzymes in the body – specifically adenylate cyclase. This is an enzyme responsible for emitting body signals. It simply raises the cAMP levels in the cells (cAMP is a cell regulator). So, forskolin is able to regulate the substances that control cells.

When forskolin gets into your cells it automatically raises the levels of cAMP. A study out of Penn State University found that obese people had low levels of cAMP. This study concluded that if there was a way to increase cAMP for these individuals, they would effortlessly burn fat. And the good news is that pure forskolin can do that job.

Forskolin will also activate an enzyme, which then increases the level of cAMP. This procedure takes place naturally. Again, hormones raise the needed cAMP in the body, but forskolin does it not by increasing hormones but instead by regulating cell behavior and helping burn fat.

Woman Entrepreneurs: doTERRA vs Young Living

Is there room for both of these empires?

WestchesterNow.org’s Angela Lord weighs in on this hot topic:

It’s finally time to put the Young Living/doTERRA controversy to bed. It’s been seven long years since some YL major players quit the company and formed doTERRA oils, fueling an all-out PR war between the two essential oil MLM companies.

Enough is enough – there’s room in this world for two! Partly due to the forward-thinking marketing campaign of doTERRA’s founders, the world is noticing essential oils and buying more of them.

Lots more.

In Utah, it’s almost a way of life to be rocking the oils. And I’m not hating, just real talk there.

A Short History of War

Nobody likes it when their protegés strike out on their own, unplanned and in direct competition with their masters.

But them’s the breaks, as they say, and business is business. In their highly predictable and not-so-commendable response to the formation of upstart doTERRA in 2007, Young Living commenced a PR campaign to discredit everything the new company did.

  • they claimed doTERRA stole trade secrets
  • they claimed doTERRA made inferior products
  • they claimed doTERRA stole lists of distributors

Sorta seems like a lot of desperate leapfrogging- “lets’ try this accusation and see if it sticks!”. In the end, none of these claims held up, doTERRA went on to generate their own share of the market, and the world is that much better for it.

Why doTERRA Split from Young Living

The reason David Stirling, Founder of doTERRA, wanted to break away from Young Living in the first place was that he had big ideas about bringing essential oils to the mainstream world.

His direction wasn’t supported by YL, who focused on establishing themselves as the “grandfather” company, establishing quality standards & constructing North American’s largest distillery.

While Young Living focused on establishing authority, doTERRA focused on spreading the word to new markets. You see, each company has strengths and the world has room for both. Each has grown significantly in spite of the split.

It’s a simple fact that the world is ready for essential oils, and apparently the world is also ready to accept the MLM structure as a major means of distribution, as well.

Top Level MLM Execs Get It: Why Don’t You?

However, the battles rage on down in the lower levels of the MLM world, where loyalists on both sides wage an eternal campaign against each other. It’s tiresome, unproductive, and unnecessary. Why not move on? The world is big enough for both companies, and competition keeps them both on their toes.

Nothing new here, this is just straight online pr.

If the new direction of network marketing is towards acceptance as mainstream avenue of sales, then industry pros will have to recognize the fact that competition is natural and necessary.

Independent Distributors Especially Should Want to End This Silly PR War!

Want more customers for your Independent Distributor network? Wish the world trusted MLM more than it does? Then try and support efforts of industry leaders who’re making the MLM world more mainstream.

Accept the fact that there are now two essential oils MLM companies to choose from. Neither one did anything wrong before, during or after the split which, by the way was seven years ago. Were you even around in MLM seven years ago?

Then stop participating in an ancient PR war that doesn’t even matter any more. Pick one and start selling.