Woman Entrepreneurs: doTERRA vs Young Living

Is there room for both of these empires?

WestchesterNow.org’s Angela Lord weighs in on this hot topic:

It’s finally time to put the Young Living/doTERRA controversy to bed. It’s been seven long years since some YL major players quit the company and formed doTERRA oils, fueling an all-out PR war between the two essential oil MLM companies.

Enough is enough – there’s room in this world for two! Partly due to the forward-thinking marketing campaign of doTERRA’s founders, the world is noticing essential oils and buying more of them.

Lots more.

In Utah, it’s almost a way of life to be rocking the oils. And I’m not hating, just real talk there.

A Short History of War

Nobody likes it when their proteg├ęs strike out on their own, unplanned and in direct competition with their masters.

But them’s the breaks, as they say, and business is business. In their highly predictable and not-so-commendable response to the formation of upstart doTERRA in 2007, Young Living commenced a PR campaign to discredit everything the new company did.

  • they claimed doTERRA stole trade secrets
  • they claimed doTERRA made inferior products
  • they claimed doTERRA stole lists of distributors

Sorta seems like a lot of desperate leapfrogging- “lets’ try this accusation and see if it sticks!”. In the end, none of these claims held up, doTERRA went on to generate their own share of the market, and the world is that much better for it.

Why doTERRA Split from Young Living

The reason David Stirling, Founder of doTERRA, wanted to break away from Young Living in the first place was that he had big ideas about bringing essential oils to the mainstream world.

His direction wasn’t supported by YL, who focused on establishing themselves as the “grandfather” company, establishing quality standards & constructing North American’s largest distillery.

While Young Living focused on establishing authority, doTERRA focused on spreading the word to new markets. You see, each company has strengths and the world has room for both. Each has grown significantly in spite of the split.

It’s a simple fact that the world is ready for essential oils, and apparently the world is also ready to accept the MLM structure as a major means of distribution, as well.

Top Level MLM Execs Get It: Why Don’t You?

However, the battles rage on down in the lower levels of the MLM world, where loyalists on both sides wage an eternal campaign against each other. It’s tiresome, unproductive, and unnecessary. Why not move on? The world is big enough for both companies, and competition keeps them both on their toes.

Nothing new here, this is just straight online pr.

If the new direction of network marketing is towards acceptance as mainstream avenue of sales, then industry pros will have to recognize the fact that competition is natural and necessary.

Independent Distributors Especially Should Want to End This Silly PR War!

Want more customers for your Independent Distributor network? Wish the world trusted MLM more than it does? Then try and support efforts of industry leaders who’re making the MLM world more mainstream.

Accept the fact that there are now two essential oils MLM companies to choose from. Neither one did anything wrong before, during or after the split which, by the way was seven years ago. Were you even around in MLM seven years ago?

Then stop participating in an ancient PR war that doesn’t even matter any more. Pick one and start selling.

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