Westchester Single Mom Speaks Out: “We can do this”

Not all moms are content being stuck at home with the kids all day.

Listen to this Westchester single mother giver her opinion on gender roles and female entrepreneurs:

“I was a rebel when I was younger. And I’m ashamed to say that I traded my heroes for ghosts.

I recently listened to some audio from the members area. And it was a call to action.

Here are some things I picked up:

  • You are an example to your kids. What are you teaching them?

You’ve heard this before, or maybe you haven’t.

The one I always recall is the smoking example.

Parents smoke, their kids will smoke.

Now of course this isn’t always the case. I didn’t smoke (ahem) and I still don’t (no ahem)

But if you tell your kids that they can have anything in life they want and then they hear you talking about money problems, what will they think?

What are they learning?

And the scary part is that it’s all subconscious. They don’t realize that they’re being given a negative mindset and we don’t realize what we’re teaching them.

Here’s one, short and sweet.

  • Play Small, Get Small.

Let’s see…an analogy…

Baseball! When you’re up at bat, are you swinging for a home run or are you just hoping to hit the ball?

Or hockey. Yeah those guys have nice beards too. Wanna score goals or are ya comfortable with just getting an assist every now and then.

Or worse, feeling lucky if you get some ice time.


  • Being poor is not normal. It’s common…but not normal.

Are you going to settle for less than you deserve?

Here’s another scary thought….you already have.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. (mentally and physically)

  • Be the leader of yourself.

What the hell do I mean by that?

Take charge, your destiny is in your hands.

Don’t give it to someone else.

We can do this.

  • What will it cost if you don’t?

NOT changing, where will you be in 10 years, 20 years. Where will your children be?

I won’t mention scary thought here…..oooops.

  • Do you, your kids, your grandchildren deserve more?

Or do you only deserve what someone else, your employer is going to give you?

Do you want to leave it up to…..your boss?

  • You can think like an average person or you can bust out of the shell and a make a name for yourself!

This is one that I’ve been taking to heart:
Take control. Be a Leader.
In other words, “No more f@%$ing negativity!”

Decide to have money instead of accepting your status quo.

You’ve been playing it safe for so long, it’s second nature to you.

You grew up thinking either consciously or sub-consciously that you could never be rich.

You may have wanted to be rich, but deep down you’re telling yourself, that will never happen.

I have no idea what kind of music you like.

Personally I like quite a variety but I grew up with good ole rock n roll and it’s what I like best.

Maybe you’ll know this one…

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

And did you exchange
A walk on part in a war
For a lead role in a cage?

Man that’s powerful.

I’ve allowed myself over the years to succumb.

I knew that I didn’t like the way things were going.

I did not like “toeing the part line”.

But I did, to keep the peace.

And where did I end up?


You can stay in the cage and lead a protected life.

Or you can fight for what you deserve.

It’s up to you. ~

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